Google Patents: A Quick Overview of 3 Must-Knows for 2016

Google often makes sudden changes and the best way to go along with these updates is to know how you can stay ahead of the game. Understanding the patents that Google is applying for perhaps is the best way. For 2016, outlined below are 3 patents and how they might impact search in the future.

Onsite And Offsite Trust

  • PageRank may be returning in one form or another.
  • This patent proposes to grow and expand on what they built with PageRank.
  • Trust in and out from the links on your site is important.
  • You biggest undertaking is to put emphasis on building trust and authority for all of your content.

The Use Of Structured Data For Deduplication

  • Google may have found a way to reduce duplicate content.
  • It uses a Schema markup that discerns what is relevant, and what isn’t.
  • Expand your knowledge on using schema markup and find the appropriate markup for your site.

Rich Content To Answer Queries

  • Keep in mind that users are looking for more comprehensive answers to their queries.
  • This patent aims to display results that are relevant to user’s questions.
  • Update your site with rich content as this would be a huge contributing factor to a website’s ranking next year.


For a more detailed and in-depth understanding of these patents and how they will affect you, please refer to


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