Google Launches “Ads” Within Google Images

Just like ad space on Instagram, Google has introduced Shoppable Ads on Google Images. The sponsored images highlight products that, when moused over, reveal the brand, price and other details.

Surojit Chatterjee, Vice President of Product Management & Shopping at Google commented “A recent study shows that Google is the first place US shoppers go to discover or find a new brand or product. But shoppers aren’t just doing their searches on We’ve seen that 50 percent of online shoppers said images of the product inspired them to purchase, and increasingly, they’re turning to Google Images.“ a metric that aligns with our data research at Marwick Marketing.

Capturing top of funnel shoppers. Google says that it’s currently testing these new units “with select retailers” for broad, top of funnel queries such as “home office ideas” and “shower tile designs.” I was unable to find any of these units in the wild but the .gif below reflects how they look and work.

Google says it’s trying to enable retailers to reach shoppers in “inspiration phase” of shopping. Google also explained that it would be rolling out these units across more categories in the coming months.

Expanding Showcase Shopping. The company also announced that Showcase Shopping ads would be coming to Google Images, allowing a richer product presentation for brand marketers. And finally, the company said that Merchant Center feeds and content will be available “beyond advertising,” explaining that “retailers can provide product data to Google, free of charge, so that we can start showing more of your product information to potential shoppers.”

Why this is important for brands selling products online. Google is trying to help brands and product sellers reach consumers in more ways during discovery rather than just lower-funnel search queries. This is what Instagram and Pinterest do particularly well.

It’s also trying to make Google itself a richer visual shopping destination and prevent the defection of users to competitors’ sites that offer more “inspiration” and product discovery experiences.

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