Google Analytics’ New Audiences Report

Christian Thomson

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Google Analytics recently started to roll out a plethora of new features. One of those features is the new Audiences Report, and with it you will be able to view how your audiences are performing so you can reevaluate your targeted marketing efforts. To use this feature, you must enable demographics and interests and configure your audience in your Google Analytics account. This will allow you to group together any combination of traits that are important to your business.

Your audience can be as simple as just your current clients, or you can make it much more complex and identify clients who have looked at a specific page for a specific product and returned to that page to purchase the item in the past 30 days. These custom audiences are a part of this great new feature that will allow you to focus your marketing efforts on what you need. Google also lets you know that you can use the audience feature as a secondary dimension in reports, and as a dimension in segments, custom reports, and custom funnels. The maximum number of audience reports you can publish at one time is 20. Feel free to play around with some trial and error!

Once you have created your audiences, the Audiences report will begin to work its magic and show you the following metrics:

Behavior: This will show you how your site engages with a particular audience. This will help you see whether users are visiting multiple pages or just a few, see if they are spending the amount of time you want with your content, and see if they are leaving after viewing just one page (bounce rate).

Acquisition: This will show you the volume of users an audience is sending you. It will also tell you how well the audience works to help generate new business.

Conversions: This will tell you how your audience is helping you reach your goal completions, transactions, and the amount of revenue you want to be generating.

How Will This Help You?

These features are so important as they will help you determine how much time and money should be spent on your marketing specific to whatever segment of the visitors you have tracked.

Before this feature existed, Google Analytics allowed you to create an audience and export it to other products like AdWords, but you were not able to get specific Audience reporting. This new feature is going to help you make smarter decisions pertaining to your different targeted segments.

For more information on how Audience reports can help your business, head over to the Google Support website and read more on Audience reports. Audience reports are going to provide a ton of valuable insight for your business such as active users, lifetime value, interests, which type of device they are using to view your content, and so much more! The new Audience report is a game changer for businesses and will help them get the information they need to ensure their targeting initiatives are successful.

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