Hiring a Google AdWords Consultant for L.A. Businesses

Most businesses don’t hesitate to hire consultants when they need to. After all, it is not possible for anybody to be an expert in everything. By hiring consultants, you are able to make use of someone’s knowledge and experience to benefit your company without having to invest in potentially hundreds of hours of training.

Hiring a Google AdWords consultant for L.A. businesses just makes sense, because without an active an effective online presence in today’s world, your business is easy to overlook. Competition can be fierce, and as increasing numbers of people go online to search for companies to do business with, if you are not visible to them, you can bet that a competitor will be.

When hiring a consultant, however, there are some pitfalls to avoid if you want to ensure that your marketing investment is used wisely. Here are seven important aspects of finding a good AdWords consultant.


Make sure that the candidate is certified. This is a professional accreditation offered by Google to those who have demonstrated their proficiency in basic and advanced aspects of AdWords. A certified consultant has been recognized as an expert in online advertising by Google.


Correct Bidding

Your main goal is to be in the top 3. You don’t need to be number one, so don’t let your consultant spend your entire budget unnecessarily. Being in the top 3gives you exposure and leads without the cost of aiming for number one.


Good Advice

Make sure that your consultant is giving you proper advice. If, for example, they were to tell you that you should not post sales and promotions on your ads, that should be a red flag for you.

Target the Right Area

Some consultants will have you spending money— and a lot of it—targeting geographic areas that are not appropriate to your business. For example, they may target too large of an area, spending your clicks on customers who are nowhere near you.

Make Sure Ads meet Your Standards

You want to make sure that all standards are adhered to. If you have professional regulations that must be followed, the consultant needs to be aware of them and follow them correctly.

Review Your Ads for Other Errors

Treat your ads the same as you would with any traditional print ads in magazines or newspapers. Look for typos. Errors may occur in phone numbers or addresses. Other spelling mistakes may occur as well. Review carefully to avoid any potential issues, or having your ad look unprofessional.

Use the Right Keywords

Using popular keywords for no reason other than their popularity is not the right approach. Make sure that you use the best possible keywords that apply to your business.

Hiring a Google AdWords consultant for your L.A. Business is a wise move and a great way to ensure that you are promoting yourself properly online. Just be sure to find someone who is the right fit for you, and who can meet the needs of your business.


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