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Google Ads Updates and Upgrades!

Christian Thomson
September 11, 2017  •   < 1

Updated July 30, 2020, 12:16 pm

*New* Google Ads (Formerly known as Google AdWords) Updates and Upgrades!

(Mobile Extensions Updates and Upgrades)



We’ve seen location extensions for display, automated call extensions, and most recently, call
extension bid adjustments. Here’s the newest major mobile upgrades:

1) Interactive, tappable sitselinks
Sitelinks are becoming tappable on mobile! Users can now scroll through deeper parts of a site in order to look for a website that caters best to what they want/need. They will be able to choose the exact page they want to go to within the chosen website, which can be strategically placed there by the advertiser. This is a HUGE upgrade from the previous sitelinks where text was cut off. Giving more authority to the searcher to scroll through and choose sitelinks will prove to be beneficial for the
searcher, the business, and Google!

2) Callouts and Snippets Are In-Line!
Historically, a searcher could find callouts and snippets directly underneath an ad (which were placed by Google Search’s algorithms), but now they will be found in line with the ad, allowing more of the text to be displayed (and chosen by the advertiser). These, however, are not interactive and shouldn’t appear outside of the ad paragraph.

Interaction has been made easier with these new Google Ads mobile upgrades!

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