Outsourced Marketing Manager

Growing businesses face a dilemma when it comes to knowing that they need greater marketing leadership but being unable to truly justify the high cost associated with retaining a full-time Chief Marketing Officer. Although they really need a better marketing plan to truly take off, the cost is simply prohibitive for them.

In the case of organizations with revenue under $25 million per year, there is usually no need for a full-time CMO, especially considering that maintaining the position could easily run between $150,000 and $250,000. Devoting such resources to a full-time position that isn’t needed full-time doesn’t make much sense. In these cases, having an outsourced marketing manager is a much more logical and economical choice, and this is where Fractional CMO from Marwick comes in.

Companies have been expending resources on CMOs and then saddling them with tasks that are much better suited to lower-paid employees. Having your CMO proofing ads or writing email copy does not justify keeping them on-board. Their duties should involve receiving direction from the company’s board and CEO and then creating marketing goals on a monthly, quarterly, and yearly time frame.

How can your company experience all the benefits of executive-level marketing leadership without struggling with the prohibitive expense of a full-time CMO during crucial growth periods?

Marwick’s Fractional CMO Services are the answer that you are looking for. A Fractional Chief Marketing Officer provides you with the professional marketing leadership that your business needs, without the over-compensated full-time employee that you don’t.

Don’t pay more than you need to, and don’t leave your vital marketing leadership in the hands of an under-qualified or inexperienced marketing implementer. Your Fractional Chief Marketing Officer from Marwick partners with you in a strategic, economically viable manner to provide your organization with professional oversight of your marketing operations. This includes:

  • Translating the Board & CEO’s vision and directions into successful marketing campaigns
  • Identifying the talent needed by your business to reach your goals
  • Working with your HR department to find and interview qualified talent, and assisting in their management to execute your marketing strategies in the most effective manner
  • Providing your Board and CEO weekly reports regarding the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that have been mutually agreed upon as important
  • Constantly evolving and finding new ways to reach marketing and sales goals despite any obstacles or limitations

Marwick shares your goals of helping your brand stand out from the pack so that you can bring your business to the next level. We do this by putting our experts to work following a proven methodology that gets results. CONTACT US today to learn more about what we can do for you, including the following services.

Business Audit

The business audit gives us a baseline to work from and allows us to see what has been working for you and what hasn’t. You will provide the Functional Marketing Strategist with essential information regarding your past and present marketing efforts, including KPIs, this quarter’s goals, and your 2-year goals. This will be used to determine which areas need improvement. The Strategist may also ask additional questions to gain greater clarity. Following the audit, a full report will be sent to you, indicating the key steps to be taken in order to take your marketing to the next level.

Email Audit

Any business that relies on email to improve revenue needs to be confident that their emails are reaching existing customers and new prospects. More than simply reaching your audience however, you need to understand how to achieve the highest open rate, click-through rate, and Earnings Per Click (EPC). Marwick will run a full audit on your email service provider (such as MailChimp, Get Response, and a multitude of others) to determine which emails are your best performers. We’ll go a step further to explain why we think they are your star performers so that you can replicate the results and improve the success of your campaigns.

Systems Map

There are many factors that need to be considered to help your business reach your goals faster and more efficiently. The Systems Map allows us to gain a deeper knowledge of your business in order to better understand the types of campaigns you should be running, who on your team should be running them, and how to dramatically increase your customer base at an acceptable rate.

This is a thorough review of your business, including past and present campaigns, the abilities and competencies of your team, and much more than can be accomplished during the less-intensive audits. Your admin team will provide information about your goals and what needs to be done to reach them. By detailing your entire marketing flow graphically, your Consultant can then create an improved map that provides you with:

  • A clear indication of your business’ current position, your 2-year goals, and the actions to take over the next 90 days to get there
  • The ideal customer for your business
  • A calculation of your Acceptable Cost per Lead and Cost per Sale
  • The current Lifetime Value of the Customer
  • The current prospect-to-customer flow, as well as an improved version
  • And much, much more

The Systems Map is your ultimate guide to helping your business reach maximum growth in the shortest time possible.

It’s time for your business to experience new growth with an outsourced marketing manager. A Fractional Chief Marketing Officer from Marwick can help you reach your goals faster and more affordably than you might think. CONTACT US today to learn more!