If you are a Food or Beverage processor, what should you be doing to market your product?  You want to be accomplishing two key objectives:

  1. Drive sales from new and existing customers.
  2. Build brand awareness and brand preference in your consumer’s minds.

But you’re busy perfecting your product, adhering to ever-changing food and beverage regulations and requirements, managing your supply chain and vendors, among other things.  

You need a trusted digital marketing partner who is as invested in your business and your brand as you are.  At Marwick, we are that trusted partner to many Food and Beverage processors and we would love to help you so you can get back to focusing on your business.

Buying shelf space from retail partners and grocery store chains can be cost-prohibitive and sometimes impossible for many start-ups, that’s why it’s important to prioritize driving sales from the start before your product even hits store shelves.  You want your food or beverage brand flying off the shelves, or you risk losing the patience of your retail partners and ultimately becoming discontinued freeing up that shelf space for a brand that invested in their marketing and sales. Don’t let that happen to you. 

If your preferred go-to-market strategy is to build your shelf space rather than buy it, or complement your retail presence, we can assist you in developing and marketing your own eCommerce store.

If you are a well-established brand your focus is all about repeat customers while enticing new customers to your brand and maintaining your brand power.  Now is not the time to take your foot off the gas.  

Working with Marwick, you will get full advantage of the digital and eCommerce opportunities available to your food and beverage brand.  Developing a multi-channel strategy, including SEO, social media (owned, earned, and paid), Search Engine Marketing, Conversation Tracking, and Optimization, we can help put, and keep, your product on the shelves as well as develop and optimize your own distribution channel via eCommerce platforms.  

No matter what your goals, our team of digital marketing specialists can help you generate  sales using the most effective tactics including:

  • Cross-selling using email marketing and remarketing.
  • Product promotion and pantry loading using high-value coupons and special offers via social media and display ads.
  • Developing and targeting Lookalike audiences.  Lookalike audiences let you find and target users who are similar to people that already follow or interact with your company on your website, app, Facebook page, and more.  These Lookalike audiences have a higher likelihood of being consumers of your product.
  • Growing distribution by demonstrating support for your retail partners.
  • Use geotargeting to help make your brand more attractive to prospective distributors by running geotargeted digital ad campaigns to help them sell your brands.  Location targeting (geotargeting) lets you show your ads to customers located in a specific geographic location – even one as small as a neighborhood/radius around a store.
  • Increasing shelf visibility for developing food brands.  By drawing in users with a digital medium, you can generate engagement with your brand and thereby make your product more recognizable on the shelf. 
  • Use digital calls-to-action in your digital ads and on your website and blog to encourage your customers (and prospective customers) to take the action you want them to take. Holding a contest can also be used to increase visibility. Make the prize fabulous and connected to your brand. 


Using a multi-pronged and layered plan works best for achieving the best results.  See how we helped our client {insert name} achieve results through their digital marketing activities.

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SEO for Food & Beverage Manufacturers

Understanding SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and how it impacts your business’ success is fundamental in the digital marketing of this very competitive sector where appearing among the top Google results matters. For some products and services, not being visible on Google means almost not existing for consumers. In the food industry, this is relevant for both producers as well as retail outlets and restaurants. Whether you are looking to set up and sell from your own eCommerce store or generate awareness and drive in-store sales, your SEO strategy is one of the core pillars of your online marketing efforts.  

Core to the success of your online presence and SEO is your website.  Every aspect of your site will play a pivotal role in shaping your SEO.  From design, your site architecture, mobile-friendliness, responsiveness and the content  

If your site is not optimized for SEO success, our web experts can work with you to design and develop a new site, or refresh your existing site.  The very first step of our SEO strategy is a complete audit of your website to identify and address any areas requiring attention.  

SEO is a process and is a long term approach to generating sales.  Search engine optimization enables your brand to reach new clients, grow your online presence and ultimately generate more revenue.  For over a decade, the team at Marwick has been helping Food and Beverage processors get results with their SEO strategies.

We can help you develop a strategy that works for your brand and get results.

Search Engine Marketing for the Food Industry 

Search Engine Marketing is more than just having a good Pay-per-click (PPC) strategy.  Remarketing and programmatic display ads can mean the difference between merely showing up once in a while, to being seen everywhere.

At Marwick we ensure you have a well-managed PPC campaign sending potential customers to your main site or a custom landing page for hyper-targeted campaigns but we go above and beyond to make sure we are leveraging every possible channel available to your brand.

It’s important to remember PPC is technically a separate strategy from SEO.  Even the best SEO strategies take weeks to start showing results, whereas PPC ads are virtually instant, meaning that you can begin to attract customers to your brand immediately until your organic optimization kicks in.

Social Media for Food & Beverage Processors 

Social Media and video platforms provide an excellent and cost-effective method for food and beverage processors to target their audience and be laser-focused with demographic and geographic data.  Our team of social media experts will work with you to develop your strategy, plan, write and publish your content, and track conversions.  Using solid creativity and messaging combined with data-driven targeting, we will help your brand reach millions of potential customers who spend an increasing amount of time on these networks – consuming, sharing and interacting.

Within these channels, content is king. Food and beverage marketers who have great content will increase their ability to increase their earned and shared media. Earned and shared media has two benefits – it’s getting propagated without any cost and the people who are sharing and posting the content about your brand are serving as brand ambassadors. 

But social media doesn’t stop with your content.  Like Google and other search engines, social media platforms use algorithms to determine what users see in their feed, actively boosting or suppressing brands.  Like google ads, this becomes a pay to play strategy.  There are great advantages to paid social media advertising, specifically targeting capabilities.  Using agile A/B testing across various channels, we will fine-tune your campaigns to get the best results for your brand.

Measure the Right Ingredients = Your Secret Recipe

Digital marketing and social media efforts produce a large amount of data. The good news is you don’t have to spend time looking at all of it to have successful campaigns and generate more sales.

Just like a good food or beverage product measures ingredients to get the taste and nutritional value just right over time, we measure the key ingredients of your digital marketing activities and advertising performance in order to optimize results over time. Optimizations come in many different forms. At the macro level, budgets can be shifted between channels and networks. At the micro-level, optimizations can be made within channels by analyzing different placements, creativity, audiences, and keywords.

When optimizing digital advertising campaigns focusing on the metrics that most closely align with your business and marketing objectives will guide your strategy and have the most impact.  For example, if your food or beverage has limited distribution, put a store locator application on your website and drive visitors to this page. You can track how many people visit the page and perform a search, a clear sign of purchase intent.

If your objectives are more closely related to brand awareness it’s all about reach and frequency. Effective advertising needs to be viewed multiple times before it makes an impact with consumers. Brand preference can be measured through actions like sharing, liking, and commenting. 

Dashboards are extremely helpful in visualizing the data, slicing it in various ways, and plotting trends over time.  At Marwick we provide a custom dashboard for you to track all of your campaigns and results in real time.  Your dedicated Account Director will also provide monthly reports recapping performance against goals.  These reports help us to continue to refine your campaigns and optimize your digital marketing activities with the right ingredients, creating your secret recipe for success.