Find Leads Before They Speak To Others

Christian Thomson

Christian is a British-born entrepreneur and founder of Marwick. For over 19 years, Christian has successfully helped businesses excel in digital marketing.

Keeping your sales pipeline full is essential in growing your business. Networking and speaking at events is a fantastic way to generate leads, but it’s not always scalable.

Do you want to know how to reach potential new clients, before they have even spoken to any of your competitors? Keep reading…

Set up a specific Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords) campaign that targets [Exact Match] search terms that match what a potential client would be searching for during their moment of realizing they have a problem* that your product or service needs.

For example, if you offer PR as a service your potential business owner might not (yet) know he or she needs to hire a PR agency. Instead of searching “PR Agency” they search “How to get my business in the press” or “How to get more press for my business”.

Your potential client is asking long tail keyword questions to find a solution. This is becoming more and more the case with voice search. Your keyword modifier needs to be [Exact Match] or at the very least +Broad +Match +Modifier to ensure you get the right traffic. If you leave these long tail keywords in AdWords at broad match you’ll get too much irrelevant traffic.

Make sure your advert copy answers the potential client’s original question. For example, “We Can Help You Get More Press – Call ABC PR Agency Today”

By being visible you’re introducing yourself at an early stage in their decision making life. The best thing about this is you’re not competing with other vendors. As the potential client moves further in their Research -> Engage -> Decision they will be reaching out to other PR Agencies and requesting proposals.

This is the same process if you’re selling shoes online, a local roofing company or a business coach.

Take a look at this diagram of the bullseye lead map. The bullseye is the home run, a client signing up or buying your product. Most people market themselves in the ring around this in section 2 and section 3. Here potential clients are coming to you, your inbound leads.

This sounds great but they are also going to your competition. This is where a potential client is calling or e-mailing you to learn more.

But just outside of this in section 1 are many, many more potential clients but they haven’t quite got to the stage of knowing the answer to their problem.

By answering their question on Google, you can skip out of the competitive circle and help a potential client before they get to section 2 and 3.

* Here are some more examples of answering a potential client’s problem.

Type of business: Roofing Company

Target terms:

“How much is a new roof?”

“What roofing material is best?”

Type of business: Family Lawyer

Target terms:

“Advice on getting divorced?”

“Is getting divorced expensive?”

Type of business: SEO Company

Target terms:

“How do I generate leads online?”

“How do I get my website higher on Google”

Type of business: Travel Company

Target terms:

“Where is a good place to go with kids in July”

“Direct flights from my local airport”


Got a question on Google Ads or digital marketing? Leave me a comment below and I’ll be happy to help.

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