Running a pest control business can be rewarding and profitable if you’re getting the vast amount of leads that are available every day. Sadly many pest control businesses miss out on potential customers by simply not being top of Google in the time of customer need. That is why every pest control company should invest in digital marketing.

Since 2004 the number of people using Google to search for “Pest Control” has increased dramatically. You can see from this Google Trends chart how this trend has increased over the years, peaking each year during the summer months. This makes total sense, if you think of a homeowner or a residential or commercial property manager see’s a pest, they grab their cell phone and start searching for immediate action.

SEO For Pest Control Companies

If your pest control business is top of Google when a customer is searching for pest control, rodents, commercial pest control, remove bed bugs – or any one of the hundreds of search terms there is a high chance you will land that customer as it is very unlikely they will be “shopping around” during their time of need.

Search Engine Optimization is the process of working on your current website to improve the user experience, which Google will reward you for. Things like website speed, website security, informative and helpful content, and good quality backlinks to show the popularity of the website. Ensuring the website has no errors like broken internal links, missing page titles, or Alt tags.

The search term “pest control” is searched over 8,000 times a month in Canada and 115,000 times in the USA. Interestingly “exterminator” is searched 3,000 times a month in Canada and 55,000 times a month in the USA.

Google Ads For Pest Control Companies

While Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the long term investment into your website, Google Ads provides an instant “hit” advertising at the top of Google and paying only when someone clicks your advert. Hence the name “pay per click” running Google Ads at the same time as optimizing your website with (SEO) is one of the best strategizes to increase your lead flow and grow your business.

For the search term “pest control” the average cost per click is $1.89 in Canada and $2.27 in the USA. Due to the nature of this business, you can expect a higher click-through rate, which basically means if someone Google’s “Pest Control” and they see an advert on Google they are more likely to click through and connect with you, without the shopping around.

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