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Everyone needs a dentist. However, reports on the level of competitiveness within the field are conflicting, with some suggesting that the field is saturated, while others show that in the coming years, there will be a shortage of dentists.

Regardless, one thing is certain: if you are not making use of digital marketing, chances are good that your business is not operating at the level that it could. Keep reading to see why digital marketing needs to be a priority for your dental clinic.

The chart below is from Google Trends and it highlights the increase in people turning to Google and searching for “Dentists Near Me” rather than using more traditional methods of finding a dental clinic.


Search Engine Optimization For Dental Clinics Digital Marketing For Dental Clinics

Every second, on average, Google serves up results for more than 40,000 searches. This comes out to more than 3.5 billion searches every day. In 2019, the average number of searches for the term “dentist” surpassed 1.2 million per month, while “dentist near me” was used in more than 800,000 monthly searches.

The keyword “Dentist” is searched 22,000 times a month in Canada and 205,000 times a month in the USA. That’s a lot of potential customers going online searching for dentists, and it illustrates why you need digital marketing.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Why is it important? When someone is searching for something—particularly if they are truly in need—they tend to look only at the first few results offered to them when they enter a query in Google or another search engine.

Because of this, having your business appear in the top three search results is critical. If you appear somewhere on the third page of the search results, the chance of a querent clicking through to your site is incredibly slim. By improving your ranking, you increase your visibility and the likelihood of potential clients selecting your link.

SEO involves making your site as user-friendly as possible, and this is something that Google loves and rewards. This can be done in a variety of ways, such as improving speed, easy and intuitive site navigation, and providing useful information and high-quality content.

Google Ads For Dental Clinics

Investing in SEO is a fantastic way of building your online profile, but it does take time. When you are looking for something with a more immediate impact, Google Ads is for you.

Google Ads is a pay-per-click platform that can push you to the top of Google searches, much like SEO, but with quicker results. Google Ads involves targeting specific keywords that clients use when searching for services. This can be particularly useful for those in dentistry because quite often when a client is searching, they have specific needs in mind.

For example, if someone breaks a tooth or loses a crown, they will tend to be quite specific when they search for assistance. By being able to target their specific needs, you will have a significant advantage. When your clinic is the first to appear in the search results, it is quite likely that you will receive a click and a phone call. This is an advantage that is hard to beat.

Focusing on specific keywords lets you target your ideal audience, whether by service, by location, or anything else. You can be as specific as your own neighborhood, which can be highly effective given that those close to you are more likely to book an appointment.

Digital marketing is an excellent means of growing your business. Handled properly, you can increase your business significantly.

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Inbound or Outbound?

All of your marketing can be considered as either outbound or inbound. Outbound marketing involves seeking out clients and trying to win them over. According to HubSpot, 32% of marketers believe that outbound tactics are overrated.

Inbound marketing brings clients to you by having them connect with content created by your business. It is one of the most cost-effective ways of converting those seeking a product or service into a customer.

Many dental clinics are still primarily focused on traditional means of advertising, and some even rely solely on word of mouth to bring them business. If you are not using digital means as part of the marketing strategy for your dental clinic, now is the time to consider making a change.

Social Media for Dental Clinics

Whatever business you are in, being able to connect and communicate with your audience is important. In the case of dental clinics and other health-related fields, that connection is even more important because your clients want to know they are dealing with someone they can trust.

Social media has emerged as an excellent means of both contacting and building a relationship with your audience. Having a strong online presence adds to your visibility and gives insight to the personality of your clinic while letting clients get to know you before ever setting foot in your offices.

Much like your website, your social media accounts will allow you to build credibility and establish an authoritative brand voice. This can be done by discussing the latest dentistry technologies, highlighting the treatments offered at your clinic, sharing articles and videos from industry experts, and more. Potential clients might also find it easier to communicate with you through channels like Facebook Messenger.

Social media is a large part of digital marketing and can be one of the driving factors behind your success.

More Efficient, Less Expensive

Part of running a successful dental clinic means watching your bottom line, and digital marketing can help you with that. Outbound leads can be almost 50% more expensive than inbound leads. As one example, consider email marketing compared to direct mail. An email will cost considerably less than the design, printing, and postage costs involved in direct mail.

Digital marketing is also more efficient because it allows you to target your audience more precisely. By using tools such as Google Analytics, you will be able to measure the response to the content you create, allowing you to adjust quickly and easily to appeal to your clients.