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Many industries have had success in the past by relying on word-of-mouth advertising and referrals, and this has been the case for many architecture firms as well. This by itself is not a sustainable model, and so finding other methods of generating business is called for.

Digital marketing is the most powerful form of marketing and an excellent means of building your business. For your firm to thrive and grow, you need to attract new clients, but for that to happen, those clients need to be able to find you. Digital marketing is your means of connecting with them.

Why Choose Digital Marketing?

What is it about digital marketing that makes it so effective, and what can it do for your business?

Virtually anywhere we look these days, we see people online. The digital world touches upon several facets of the typical person’s life, and on average, we spend 6 hours and 42 minutes online each day. That is more than 2400 hours in a year! Clearly, if you are seeking to engage with your audience, finding them online is an excellent means to do so.

While most people will spend a good portion of their time online performing various tasks such as shopping and banking, searching online has become the default means of finding information on businesses, products, and services. Your future clients are looking for you online. It makes sense to ensure they find you quickly and easily.

Search Engine Optimization for Architecture Firms Digital Marketing for Architecture Firms

When someone needs information, they turn to Google and other search engines to find it with such regularity that Google itself has become a verb. But a quick search for almost anything you can imagine will turn up results numbering in the hundreds of thousands. How does a user search through all of that?

Basically, they don’t.

When users enter their search terms, Google will provide the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) with all the results that are deemed pertinent to the query. These results are provided in a best-to-worst order in terms of relevance. That means that the first few results at the top of the list are those that Google feels are the most likely to match the user’s needs, and the average user will only click among the top three results. Accordingly, you can guess where you should be positioned for the best results.

The search term “Architecture firms near me” has increased dramatically over recent years as more and more people use Google to find the right firm. This chart below shows this increase from Google Trends.

Reaching the top of the SERP is usually achieved through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This is a process of building (or rebuilding) your company’s website to be as appealing as possible to search engines. This is achieved through a variety of means, such as making your site easily navigable, more user-friendly, and more visually appealing. Emphasis is also given to the structure of your site and the quality of its content.

Users might visit your site and click away quickly. This could be because your site is slow to load; users typically begin clicking away to other sites if they are required to wait 3 seconds or more. Each additional second sees a greater number of them leave. They might also bounce away if the content of your site isn’t a match for their needs or expectations. When Google sees this, they feel that your site is not a good match for the query and your rank suffers. Search Engine Optimization, therefore, works to address all the small (and not so small) issues that affect your value in Google’s eyes.

Google Ads for Architecture Firms

As effective as social media and Search Engine Optimization can be for your business, they do require an investment of time to reach their potential. There may be times when you are in need of more immediate results, and in these cases, you have the option of turning to Google Ads, a pay-per-click platform that allows you to target specific keywords and phrases. When these terms are entered, your ad will appear, giving you a huge boost in visibility.

Whatever your goals for your business, digital marketing can help you achieve them. Contact us today to learn how to put the most effective form of marketing to work for you!


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Social Media and Architecture Firms

If the internet is a major part of the average person’s day, then social media is typically a large part of their time online. While some might think that social media is not the most important resource for promoting their business, the fact of the matter is that social media is about much more than social activity.

Social media users are using platforms like Instagram and Facebook in ever-growing numbers for the sake of research into the brand, goods, and services that interest them. Consumers today are a savvy bunch and like to be informed about the businesses they are considering dealing with. By maintaining a social media presence, you are making yourself highly visible online, as well as providing a convenient means for potential clients to contact you, gain information, and ask questions.

Your social media pages offer you an excellent platform for showcasing the work you do. Well-written posts can offer important information; images and videos can show the work you have done for existing clients. Making attractive, interesting posts also increases the chance of viewers sharing your content with others, effectively advertising for you.

An Efficient, Effective Option

Word-of-mouth advertising and referrals are an excellent means of finding new clients, but its reach is limited. With digital marketing, you can quite literally reach the world. At the same time, digital marketing is incredibly precise when it comes to reaching your target audience. Your efforts in SEO, for example, will help ensure that your website is front and center for those who are looking for information or services relating to your industry. This means you are appearing before those who are specifically and intentionally looking for what you have to offer, unlike some more traditional means of marketing that communicate to as large an audience as possible in the hopes of finding those who might be interested.