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Customize Your Facebook Page – 5 Awesome Tips

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January 21, 2013 by Christian Thomson

Five Quick Fixes to Boost Your Facebook Page

by Chrisitan Thomson

It’s fairly simple to set up a business page, and many small to medium businesses have done just that. Now here is five easy wins to add to your Facebook page to ensure it creates the professional image you want for your company.

1)      Create a unique URL. Once you have over 25 likes you can change the default URL Facebook gives your page to something that looks better and works better for SEO in search engines, Facebook call it a vanity URL. Take a look at ours

It’s very simple once your page is set up head over to and follow the simple steps. Goodbye silly looking URL hello sexy vanity one.

2)      Set up a background image and profile photo that works! To start with here are the optimized dimensions. Profile photo 160 x 160 pixels. Cover photo 851 x 315 pixels. Include your logo and a good image which shows what you do, get creative; you have some free advertising space!

Facebook Image size - blog size

3)      Customise your icons. The icons when customised can make your page look 100% better than before. Add your own logo or brand colors. Click the drop down button which will show all your icons. Choose the one you want to customise. Click the pencil in the top right of the icon. From here you can change the image in the icon, swap the icon to another position and also create the app that is behind the icon.

4)      Have your featured likes as companies you like and follow. Ideally get them to reciprocate the feature. Do this by clicking Update info and then clicking featured on the left hand side menu.

Facebook update info

Click featured and edit likes

5)      Some people hate this, but pay to promote your posts. Sure not every single one, but one’s you want your brand to engage people with. Posts with a strong call to action, a good image and linking to your website.

Want an example of one of our campaigns for one of our clients? Here’s the deal:

  1. $100 budget
  2. The post reached 138,671 people
  3. Created 108 clicks to companies website
  4. Increased page likes by 45
  5. Was shared 22 times and liked 155

Paid Facebook advert

Now let’s put that into context the Langley Times is published with a CCAB audited circulation of 40,400. The Advance News is delivered to homes and businesses in Langley City, all areas within Langley Township and Cloverdale. Let’s take an advert out for the same size as the Facebook post, run it for 3 issues (121,200 copies/viewers) and the price?

Well as of today it would cost $1,830 ($610 an advert, source Langley Times 21st Jan 2013) and we’d still be short on people it reached and we wouldn’t have got 108 website visits or 45 more page likes.

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