Customers Want Immediate Action: Will They Find Your Competitors First?

Christian Thomson

Christian is a British-born entrepreneur and founder of Marwick. For over 19 years, Christian has successfully helped businesses excel in digital marketing.


Expectations For ‘Right Now’ Are On The Rise!

  • Customers want immediate action: Will they find your competitors first? It’s as simple as this: Invest more in your marketing strategies than your competitors. Ever wonder why your competitors might get a sale before you? There is a very real need for speed.

Impatience. Instant gratification. Impulsiveness.

  • These are all very real behaviors today- that businesses especially are confronted with. In just a few seconds we can type into our smart phones and computers exactly what we’re searching for- and we will be presented with many options. Studies show that we want to be able to act on our decisions instantly.
  • To be able to compete with your competitors, you need to be speedy, and have frictionless mobile experiences. Expectations are higher than ever, and you need to be able to deliver!

How do we know this?

  • According to Google, search interest in “open now” has tripled in the past two years- while searching for “store hours” has significantly dropped. What does this mean? This represents the truth about our decision making- we make impromptu decisions like, “I have some spare time to go meet with an agent today” over, “When is the agency open, so I can schedule it in…?”
  • “Open now” searches are gaining popularity because people are searching for what they want/need and will ultimately go with places that can meet their immediate need. In other words, *this means they are more loyal to their needs and meeting it instantly rather than finding a particular place.


What Does This Mean For You?

  • We’re all used to Googling a question, and immediately getting an answer- but being able to get a product or service immediately is something businesses are still adjusting to. This is illustrated by search data indicating that searches related to “same day shipping” have grown over 120% since 2015! People are no longer willing to wait. Ask yourself if you’re still adjusting to this yourself. If you are, make a plan to move forward strategically and appropriately. 
  • We’ve learned that people want to turn to their devices and find a business that can help them immediately. So much so, that “#53% of visits abandon a site if a mobile site takes longer than three seconds to load.. We’ve actually seen that for every one second delay in site load time, conversions fall by 12%.” (thinkwithgoogle)


  • This means that you need to meet with your marketing team, and they need to be able to commit to giving your business’ customers incredible mobile experiences! Customers have high expectations for right here, right now experiences, and you need to be able to deliver. It’s as simple as that. 
  • This also means not only fast load time, but it also means that you need to have quality content that is seen before your competitors. Those who want their needs met quickly will likely go with a business they find at the top of the search engines over a business they’d have to scroll to. SEO and PPC (Google Ads) can help you be seen faster!
  • *With that being said, you should also of course always make sure your content and quality is the best. If your possible customer visits two or three sites before making their split second decision, the way you’re presented is going to really matter.



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