Creative Holiday Marketing Campaigns

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December 4, 2013 by Christian Thomson

Well, tis the season for Christmas music, delicious treats, beautiful home decorations and lots of family time. Also, if you’re inclined, it’s a great season to get creative with your social media campaigns for your business. The winter holidays provide a great opportunity to have campaigns focused on Christmas products, events, and other related news.

We’ve searched the Internet for some of the greatest holiday campaigns on social media from this year and years previous. Hopefully you can use some of these ideas as inspiration for your own holiday campaigns! If you have another to share, please post in the comments below!


Small Business Saturday by American Express

Small Business Saturday by American Express

A few years back, American Express started Small Business Saturday as an initiative to promote small business sales at a time of year when people usually opt to buy from big box stores. The event occurs every year on the Saturday after American Thanksgiving. In 2011, the US Senate officially recognized the day. American Express is helping small businesses develop their social media networks and experience by providing businesses with Facebook advertisements, scripts for tweets and Facebook posts, and even providing signage. Even though a very large corporation took on this initiative, use this example as inspiration for your own business. Is there any other businesses or organizations you could partner with to draw in more business using promotions?

Elf Yourself by Office Max

Elf Yourself

If you haven’t tried out Elf Yourself in the past few years, you’ve likely received it in an email from family members or coworkers. This hilarious online tool allows you to insert the faces of family and friends and create a funny holiday video card of elves dancing around your screen. The amazing thing about this campaign is how engaged consumers become. It has allowed Office Max to promote their brand while letting people have fun. Notice that Office Max does not try to sell anything. The tool is purely for fun. This is a great example of how to engage consumers with a brand. What can your brand do to engage consumers this holiday season? Let us know below! Check the Marwick Team on Elf Yourself video for a good laugh!

Old Spice MANta Claus Campaign

In the past few years, Old Spice has been known as one of the best online and offline marketers of their product. With Isaiah, a fictional character created by Old Spice, as the star, they’ve released many viral videos and popular television ads. Their holiday campaign focused around Isaiah as MANta Claus who wants to give a gift to all 7 billion people on earth, one person at a time. The campaign included YouTube videos, Facebook and Twitter involvement, print ads and television spots. Each YouTube video focused on giving a real gift to one of their Twitter followers. The gifts weren’t related to Old Spice products! It was just a creative way to engage with real Old Spice fans. Is there any way that you can give gifts to your customers or fans in a creative way?

GAP – Pin to Win

GAP Pin to Win

Pinterest is a great visual medium for any social media campaign, and GAP sure proved this with their Christmas Pin to Win campaign. The campaign was two pronged. The first component allowed consumers to turn their photos from Facebook, Instagram and elsewhere into real postcards that will be mailed to their loved ones at no cost, courtesy of Gap. The second component involved users pinning their favorite GAP outfits to their Pinterest Christmas wish lists for a chance to win a GAP gift card. This works great for the fashion industry and other industries that can visually advertise their products or services using Pinterest. Have other creative Pinterest campaigns in mind that we haven’t mentioned? Share below!

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