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How Technology is Transforming Marketing Strategies

November 19, 2014 by Christian Thomson

Newspapers were the first time marketing messages could be transmitted to the masses. Radio came along and television evolved marketing strategies again. Now well into the 2010’s technology is evolving faster than ever with mobiles and tablets taking people away from laptops yet glasses and watch devices becoming more realistic by the day.… Read more

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Google Update in Vancouver (Download Latest Presentation)

August 6, 2014 by Christian Thomson

Marwick Marketing recently had the pleasure of hosting the team at Google in Vancouver at awesome Vancouver Club on Hastings. Todd Boxer (Product Marketing Manager at Google) and Fab Dolan (Head of Large Advertiser & Agency Marketing at Google Canada) started the Google Digital Breakfast meetup with an awesome presentation on “Branding in the digital age” which showcased a wide range of approaches and concepts of successful internet marketing campaigns.… Read more

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How’s Your Online Marketing Strategy?

April 11, 2014 by Christian Thomson

There’s no need to look like that. You’re not alone. Online marketing, internet marketing, social media this, social media that. Keywords, sitemaps, Panda updates, black hat SEO, deep link ratio, social reach, likes, follows, click-per-conversion, remarketing, G+ plus ones….so many buzz words it’s hard sometimes to know exactly where to turn when it comes to promoting your company online.… Read more