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Google Launches “Ads” Within Google Images

March 6, 2019  •   2 min read

Just like ad space on Instagram, Google has introduced Shoppable Ads on Google Images. The sponsored images highlight products that, when moused over, reveal the brand, price and other details. Surojit Chatterjee, Vice President of Product Management & Shopping at Google commented “A recent study shows that Google is the first place US shoppers go to discover or find a new brand or product.… Read more

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What Is Google Local Services Ads?

October 29, 2018  •   5 min read

Back in 2015, Google made it possible for users to quickly and easily locate service professionals in their area using their Home Service Ads. By simply entering their zip codes on Google, users could find local plumbers and electricians, for example.… Read more

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Google Marketing Live: Taking automated ads and campaigns to the next level

July 15, 2018  •   4 min read

Google has once again managed to generate a significant amount of buzz, this time with a series of announcements made during the Google Marketing Live event on Tuesday July 10th. The keynote presentation brought up various buzzwords including machine learning, but also brought attention to innovations being made across all of Google’s advertising products, and Google’s focus on three core concepts: value, trust, and transparency.… Read more

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7 Common Google Ads Mistakes and How to Fix Them

May 22, 2018  •   4 min read

For many, Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords) is a great way to advertise their business and bring visitors to their sites, but like any product or service, it is most effective when used correctly. Even those who have been using Google Ads for years may be using it incorrectly without knowing it, and some of these errors could end up costing you your entire PPC budget.… Read more