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Google Now Shows You: There Aren’t Any Great Matches for Your Search

April 30, 2020  •   3 min read

You may have had occasions when you were trying to find something on Google, only to receive somewhat dubious results. While this thankfully doesn’t happen often, it can be frustrating when it does occur. Sometimes this can be the result of user error; a misspelled word, for example, can provide you with poor or even completely unrelated suggestions for your query.… Read more

Website Optimized for Google

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Is My Website Optimized for Google?

March 18, 2020  •   3 min read

However, you may feel about it, Google remains the most popular search engine, covering over 90% of the search market worldwide. For this reason, you cannot afford to ignore any opportunities to improve your Google ranking. Ensuring that your site is properly optimized for Google is your best bet for top performance, but knowing what that entails may not always be clear.… Read more

Survival Business During Tough Times

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How Can You Ensure the Survival of Your Business During Tough Times?

March 16, 2020  •   6 min read

Winston Churchill once said “the pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” The events currently playing out across the globe are revealing who is who. When it comes to your business, difficult times can make it very challenging to maintain, let alone grow, your business.… Read more