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Life Made Easy for Outlook Users with AkrutoSync

September 10, 2014 by Christian Thomson

Outlook has been a standard tool in the business world for years, providing an excellent way to manage email, calendars, tasks, contacts and more. However, with workplace technology becoming more advanced and devices used becoming more diverse it is difficult for many people to sync their devices properly, making organizing your schedule more tedious than it needs to be.… Read more

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The Most Intelligent Socks in the World, Ready for Indiegogo

May 22, 2013 by Christian Thomson

[Blog by online marketing consultant and “avid” runner Christian Thomson. For press, blog or interview inquiries regarding Sensoria please contact us – NOTE: Since publication of this blog the campaign has gone live on Indiegogo] There are 25 million runners in the USA alone and many of these runners will at some point cause injury to themselves with poor running technique.… Read more

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Successful Kickstarters – CrossKix

April 25, 2013 by Christian Thomson

Successful Kickstarters in Vancouver Kickstarter is getting pretty hard to ignore. In 2012 alone 2,241,475 people pledged a total of $319,786,629 and successfully funded 18,109 projects. Blasting through the traditional way of raising capital for a new product or invention. Vancouver based Eric Saligumba knows the power of Kickstarter very well.… Read more