Can I do SEO Myself?

Search Engine Optimization

March 28, 2013 by Christian Thomson

Can I do SEO Myself?

Any business that has done  research into Online Marketing is probably aware of search engine optimization. Most pay someone else to handle this aspect of marketing, as it takes some level of expertise, as well as writers to generate the content. Some business people might ask why they are hiring an SEO company Vancouver if they can do this work in house. There are a number of reasons why businesses should leave the SEO marketing to professional SEO companies Vancouver.

The answer to the question, can I do SEO myself is both yes and no. Most businesses could probably take care of their SEO marketing without the assistance of an SEO company Vancouver, but the real question is, do they want to? Even though a business can do SEO marketing in house does not mean that they should.

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SEO companies Vancouver provide a number of valuable services that most businesses should not attempt to do in house. The first thing they do is provide well-written content that maximizes SEO techniques to get the best search results.  To do this in house would require a writer that is not only good at generating original content, but also knows how to arrange it to get the best results.

This means the business will need to use someone on their staff to write the content for their site. Even if this person was a competent writer they are unlikely to know or understand how search engine optimization works. In addition, this could take them away from their normal tasks, which is inefficient and wasteful. In the end it would probably be cheaper and easier to just hire an SEO company Vancouver to handle this task.

SEO companies Vancouver will also be aware of all of the rules regarding SEO content and search engines. Some search engines will penalize or even ban websites that do not conform to their rules regarding SEO. By not knowing the rules and regulations a business is jeopardizing the success of their website and even risks damaging their reputation.

Of course, those that want to familiarize themselves with the ins and outs of search engine optimization and don’t mind writing their own content, can probably learn how to do Internet marketing effectively. Those that don’t want to waste time are better off hiring an SEO company Vancouver.

Doing in-house SEO marketing is possible, but not recommended. It is far easier and cheaper to hire SEO companies Vancouver to handle the job.