Keep it short and sweet – no more than 15 mins.
See if the lead is a solid lead
See if they are a decision maker
Determine if they are a fit (Time frame/Need/Budget)
Pre-frame – establish value – sow the value seed


Don’t impress, assess
Frame the fit
Go Deep Fast
Pinpoint the problem
Show them the door

The Script

TRIAGE CALL STEPS: (Position yourself as the expert!)


Hi NAME, it’s __________ here from Marwick Marketing. 

How are you? 

Thank you for making the time available. I’ve set aside 15 mins for this call and have another soon after. (appear busy and in demand)

Before we get started, can you share with me how did you hear about Marwick Marketing and what made you reach out to us?

(Take notes, very important for feedback loop later.)

Great! The purpose of this call is to understand if we can help you with your marketing needs. I’m going to ask you some questions and if we can help, we’ll book another time to talk about “HOW” we can help, and if we cannot, I’ll point you in the right direction to some self-help resources.

Does this work for you NAME?  “yes”

Great, let’s move on.


NAME you shared with me why you reached out to us. 

What I quickly want to do is help paint a picture and give you a high-level overview of why our clients hire us to help with their strategic and critical marketing needs. For example their SEO or PPC campaigns.

Marwick is viewed as a strategic marketing agency and partner to over 85 clients. Some clients go so far to call us, a non-equity partner, invested in the success of their business. 

What we do best is we help our clients easily navigate complex decisions around digital marketing while delivering measurable results and a team you can call on and count as your own.

We’re a team of 18 experts in British Columbia, rated the highest agency in Canada by Google and hold the Premier Google Partner badge.

Does this help give you a quick overview of what we do? 


NAME, you shared with me earlier why you reached out to us. You mentioned THE PROBLEM, can you give me a quick 2-minute snapshot of your digital marketing strategy and campaigns to date.

(Take notes, very important for feedback loop later.)

Thank you for that. 

Can you share with me (take notes)….

  • What is working for you and not working for you?
  • How much time do you dedicate to marketing?
  • Do you have a budget for digital marketing; either current spend or projected spend?
  • How long have you had a digital marketing presence for?
  • How do you measure your marketing results?
  • What marketing tools do you use/ or are familiar with?
  • How do you feel a digital marketing agency like Marwick help you?
  • What is it you are looking to offload or get help with?
  • How is not doing that impacting your business?
  • Who else aside from yourself, is responsible for making the important marketing decisions? * important you get clarity on this.
  • How important is solving the marketing challenges you’ve described? Is this a later thing or a sooner thing for you?


Like I said earlier, we help our clients solve similar challenges to what you’ve shared with me. Do you mind if I share with you what I see is going on? 

It sounds to me like to are trying to achieve (a) result however (b) obstacle is preventing you from doing so

*(If you diagnose something else, point it out but don’t solve the problem for them.)

Also, from what you shared at the start of our call, (insert their facts) what I see is (x) problem and it’s costing you (y) impact.

Is that a fair assessment?


So, at the start of our conversation I said if this is a fit, we’ll book a time for another conversation with our CEO, Christian Thomson, about HOW we can help.

(If it’s a fit)

We only work with companies and individuals like you who place a value their time and their marketing results. 

What I recommend we do next, we schedule a deep dive call, where we can do a review into your marketing strategy and explore what’s working and not working for you and HOW a partnership with Marwick can SOLVE your challenges and positively benefit your business results. 

Does that work for you? 

As this call provides you with a lot of tailored value, I’ll need all of the decision makers to be present, is there anyone else who needs to be on that call? (Take notes)

  1. Book A Deep Dive HERE. If nothing available soon, check with Christian as he may be able to adjust the calendar.
  2. Ensure questionnaire is filled out as soon as possible as we need 48 hours to research the data and opportunities.

(If it’s not a fit)

(If they are combative or don’t fit, or not the right person, call them out. Do a takeaway. “ So, at the start of our conversation I said if this is a fit, we’ll book a time for another conversation about HOW we can help. Sorry ____, I don’t think we are a fit. You mentioned you are not the decision maker and that solving your marketing challenges is not a priority. I don’t think we can work together right now however I can steer you toward some resources that may help you. What’s the best email address for you?”)





Explain the next steps… future pace.. set expectations – compile notes – add to CRM – inform Discovery Call person – thank them – send follow up email right away.