Business to Business Social Media

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May 6, 2013 by Christian Thomson

Business to Business Social Media

We all know the benefits of creating a social media community for your brand online but did you know the benefits of Business to Business social media? If your clients are other businesses it is vital to have a good understanding of business to business social media. If your company is a B2B company, let’s look at some quick wins and CEO should be putting in place to ensure there company ethos is reflected online to potential business clients.


Most business professionals will have a Linkedin profile for themselves (this is mine, come over and connect Think of Linkedin as the Facebook for business and recruitment. This is personally my first port of call when checking out a potential client or new employee. Linkedin gives everyone a chance to showcase their resume online. It also links people to companies as owners or staff.

As a CEO of a business we suggest creating a business page on Linkedin for two reasons. Number one, it protects your online intellectual property; it stops others from taking your Linkedin URL just like a website domain name. This is our we would be pretty mad if this was taken, so make sure your company brand “owns” it.
Secondly a good business page on Linkedin is a strong statement to sure your company is up to date on the latest in online marketing. It’s also free and provides excellent links to your website. You can add photos, customer reviews, videos and staff. People are able to follow your company if they find it of interest.

Facebook Business Page

In much the same way as a Linkedin business page works it is a good idea to register your business with Facebook again to protect your IP (again this is ours and to highlight your product and reflect your company online. While maybe not as crucial for Business to Business social media as Linkedin it does provide a good platform for sharing the latest news from your corporation and provides excellent high ranking links back to your website which in turn will help your website rank high for those B2B terms.

Business to Business social media


It was a couple of years ago that the uninformed British PM David Cameron said “too many tweets make a Twit” and to some degree you can see where he was coming from. With about 3,000 tweets a second it can at first seem like a huge world of people shouting and not being heard.
However any business to business social media plan should have a well thought out “listening” social media strategy which would include setting up streams to keep an eye on what is happening in their industry.

Put it this way, if we sold accounting services in Vancouver we would set up a couple of streams which would filter out all the noise and only show tweets from business owners for the following terms #accounting and #help. This is an awesome way to track anything related to your business.

Business to Business Social Media


We’ve scratched the surface of what is possible with Business to Business social media but we hope this at least gets you off the ground to invest some time into online marketing for your company. Marwick Marketing provides social media training and management for B2B companies wishing to outsource social media. If you would like to meet one of our social media consultants give us a call on 604 614 0174 or contact us via the website.