Bing Ads reveals new features

Bing Ads Working Hard to Impress – and it Shows

Bing Ads

December 15, 2016 by

Bing Ads appears to be going through a particularly creative period. There have been a number of new developments in the past couple of months. They include:

  • A new Black Friday Flyers Carousel – with flyers created by each individual brand.
  • Remarketing audience management – along with other shopping campaign filters.
  • Expanded ad text – giving advertisers the option to incorporate more text into their ads.
  • Expanded device targeting – the ability to adjust bids for the device type.

In addition to those – and other – new features, Microsoft’s search engine is about to give users even more, as it’s in the process of testing its own virtual account manager.

Of course, there’s not much in Bing Ads new offerings that aren’t available elsewhere. But, they are matching Google’s new features faster, which means the lower cost of using Bing Ads is sure to pay off for many.

Much of Bing Ads’ innovation is borne out of a combination of needing to keep up with the market leader and Microsoft Corp’s research and always expanding capabilities. That’s a great blend and helps makes Bing Ads an attractive option.

Bing Ads’ growing stable of support

The competition aside, Bing Ads’ growing list of features for shopping and advertising campaign management is impressive. And, the latest plan to incorporate a virtual account manager for every user will press lots of the right buttons.

‘Associate Account Manager In The Box’ as its virtual account manager project is currently named, is set to take advantage of Microsoft’s AI knowledge and capacity. In an interview with Third Door Media, general manager of the search network at Microsoft, David Pann said their bots, AI, and machine learning should mean every Bing Ads customer should get a virtual account manager.

And, the key detail, Pann said is that: “It won’t just tell you how you’re doing, but can make recommendations on what you should be doing to get better performance. We’re starting to build that.”

That’s a very useful tool for advertisers indeed and is sure to help encourage new users too, once its fully tested and available for use, that is. However, given the number of new projects Bing Ads has been able to roll out in the final quarter of 2016, there’s a strong chance it won’t take too long.

Bing Ads’ creativity improves global reach

While Bing Ads is in the midst of its impressive creative rush, they’re using this period of new features to give their brand a boost in Asia. Steve Sirich, general manager of Bing Ads Marketing at Microsoft was on a recent trip to Singapore where he confidently told Campaign Asia that Bing Ads is alive, well and thriving.

Indeed, in the third quarter of this year, Microsoft’s search ad revenue was around $1 billion and that’s down to Bing Ads. And, as well as being part of a much larger Microsoft and Windows strategy, Bing also powers the search engine for Apple’s Siri and Spotlight search. In addition, it’s integrated into Amazon’s assistant devices, too.

It seems Bing Ads and the overall Bing search engine really do have a lot to offer. Of course, competitors in the advertising and analytics space, Google and Facebook remain popular and on top. But, Bing Ads can’t be as far behind as it used to be.

Some might argue that having Microsoft in its corner should have meant it closed the gap years ago. However, with the recent surge in growth of online shopping, marketing, and big data-based analytics, it’s doubtful Bing’s ascendancy could have been better timed. After all, the market for online ads and search-based campaigning has never been bigger and is still growing. That means that now is arguably the right time for Bing Ads to increase their wares and grab a bigger share of still rapidly expanding market.

More opportunities ahead

Indeed, Bing Ads’ Sirich is confident there’s more ahead for the advertising platform, search engines, and customer engagement. So much so, that Bing Ads is also working on another new testing and optimization product called Decision Service.

This feature is set to be usable in content marketing, ads, product recommendations and price points. It will also be available as an overlay for Bing Ads users and even, possibly, fully integrated with Bing Ads at some point in the future.

The expansion of Bing’s partner program is set to provide another boost, both for the selected advertising partners and Bing itself. For the newly selected partners, they will receive a mix of special opportunities, brand partnering, additional training and access to a host of other benefits.

For Bing Ads, they’ll generate a more visible presence and should increase their popularity. With so much on the go for Bing Ads, it seems the future is bright for the ad arm of Microsoft and its users.