Which is better for SEO .ca or .com?

.COM or .CA?

The difference between a .ca and .com (the top level) domain and the effects on your brand appears subtle. It can have an effect on your SEO, so depending on the industry you are in and mid-long term business goals.

In a Perfect World

If possible, take both the .com and .ca for your domain extension. Domain names are less than $15/year – great value to ensure no one takes the other domain, protecting your brand.

When you purchase both domains, you will want your Webmaster to create a 301 redirect to the other domain. This has SEO benefits in that each redirect will create some ‘link juice’ to aid in boosting your ranking in Google search results.

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Who is Your Target Market?

If you have a business focusing solely on Canadian customers, then using the .ca TLD will have local geo-targeting benefits in the search engines. When somebody uses Google.ca rather than Google.com the search results will favor .ca web addresses.

If you are looking to serve customers in the USA and further abroad you will most likely want to lean towards the .com TLD. The .com is recognized worldwide. Whether people know .ca stands for Canada or not, they tend to associate this TLD with local services.

Takeaway: .ca is like putting a Canadian flag up outside your house abroad, you are signalling you are Canadian to the world.

What Do You Want Google Webmaster To Think?

As a default, Google Webmaster considers your .com site as international, however, you can associate your website with Canada by letting them know. This will aid in local search traffic. A good SEO consultant can help manage this for you.

TLD Competition Overall

The number of .com domain names dwarfs .ca domains, therefore, it is easier to be found in localized search terms with a .ca address than worldwide search terms.

Consider Your Target Market Stereotypes

Consumer preferences can impact bounce rates, user engagement on websites and conversions. While older generations may not be so aware of the difference between .com and .ca, you can get niches with a loyal market heavily favoring .ca over .com.

Takeaway: What generation is your target audience from and what traits do they contain in relation to Canada and worldwide.

Where Are Your Back Links Coming From?

If you are being linked to in local search results but want to start moving further abroad consider where your backlinks are coming from. If they are primarily .ca addresses, Google favors your site further towards local search results. Start gaining (with whitehat SEO) backlinks from .com domains to move up Google.com search results.

Still Undecided?

If you are still confused as to what is best for your situation, choosing the .com is probably best. The general consensus is .com is more recognizable than .ca (or any other variation). Having traffic go to a competitor’s site is never fun after all.

Whether you are a big or small business gaining organic traffic via SEO is great. Consider the above arguments and write down the pros and cons of each.

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Video Transcript For .Com v’s .CA

Cassandra: Which is better for SEO, .ca or .com? Hi, I’m Cassandra from Marwick Marketing, and that’s what we’re talking about today. If you’re interested, then just keep watching. The difference between the .ca and .com effects may appear subtle, but they’re not depending on your industry, your location, and your goals. We’re going to dive into our top tips to make sure that you’re choosing the one that’s right for you. In a perfect world, we would recommend buying both the .com and .ca domain extensions and the reason is clear. Domain names are typically only $15 per year. If you can buy two, then it protects your brand. It protects yourself from somebody else going and buying the other domain name with a .ca or .com address, whichever one that you didn’t purchase. Hands down, it’s better to just have the .com and .ca.

Another reason to buy both is that you can have your webmaster actually do a 301 redirect to the other domain extension, which will actually boost your link juice, which improves your SEO. Speaking of SEO, if you don’t know what SEO is, then check out the links in our description box below where we have a lot of FAQ videos for you, and you can also test your website with the link below.

Another thing to think about is your target audience. Are your customers only in Canada? If so, it makes the most sense to go with .ca considering Google.ca will favor .ca web addresses. If you’re looking for customers in the US or further abroad, then we would recommend leaning towards the .com address just because this is more recognizable worldwide. Whether people know .ca stands for Canada or not, they tend to associate it with local services. Using a .ca address is like putting a Canadian flag on your website.

As default, Google Webmaster associates .com addresses to be international, but you can let them know that you’re in Canada, which will aid in your local search traffic. Also, there are a lot more .com addresses than there are .ca addresses. Therefore, with a .ca address, it’s easier to be found in localized search terms than it is with international search terms. While older generations might not be aware of the difference between .ca and .com, there are a lot of industries where your target audience might heavily favor a .ca address over a .com.

Another thing to think about is your backlinks. Are your backlinks coming from primarily .com addresses or .ca addresses? If they’re primarily .ca addresses, then you’re probably going to be more optimized for a local search in Canada. If you want to start moving up with Google.com search results, then you can start focusing on backlinks coming from .com addresses. If you’re still not sure whether you should go with a .com or .ca address, we would recommend going with a .com address because the general consensus is .com is more easily recognizable than .ca or any other variation.

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