5 Digital Marketing Faux Pas You Might Be Making

Christian Thomson

Christian is a British-born entrepreneur and founder of Marwick. For over 19 years, Christian has successfully helped businesses excel in digital marketing.

Whether you like it or not digital marketing is here to stay. Digital marketing will continue to evolve as companies find out what does and doesn’t work but there are seven faux pas you should not be making.

Not Treating Digital Marketing Equally


Equality is a word the media uses time and time again and it gets our attention. Digital marketing is too often treated as an inferior aspect when it comes to a marketing plan. If you don’t have a digital marketing section on your team, hire an agency before your first big marketing plan meeting. Digital marketers can’t produce high quality marketing material on a tight deadline that might be seen by millions around the world. Online and offline marketing can compliment each other if you recognise the benefits of both platforms.

Not Optimising Your Website For All Devices

Google search is a highly sophisticated algorithm. Google will always keep the algorithm close to them, but sometimes they give you information that you must take note of. With mobiles and tablets used more and more often, websites need to be optimised for the user on these platforms. Google announced in early 2015 sites that are not optimised for all devices will not rank so highly in searches.

If your website still has the full site on the screen prompting users to get a magnifying glass out, they won’t be happy. You may have been delaying the inevitable but it’s time to put in the time and money and get your website mobile optimised.

Have A Live Chat That’s Doing More Harm Than Good

When live chat was first seen on the internet it was often with a pretty model asking you to click if you have any concerns. The misleading model has been replaced by professional displays but a live chat feature is still useless if their is noone monitoring the platform. If you do not have around the clock support, remove the feature completely as visitors to your website will expect support to be nearly instant. If you can only monitor the live chat a few hours a day, make it clear to visitors when you are online and don’t forget to turn it off in the downtime.

Depending on how you incorporate the live chat feature on your site it may be using up a lot of resources. If the chat is making your website load slower, get rid of the feature and find a more suitable option.

Using Social Media Advertising That Isn’t Not Part Of A Marketing Funnel

Social media platforms are a marketing channel in their own right with marketing tactics involving organic and paid solutions. As the paid features of Facebook and Instagram continue to grow you will need to start allocating a segment of your marketing budget to social media. What is often forgotten is these adverts need to convert into paying customers, not one time visitors to the piece of content your are advertising them with.

With your social media advertising, they should know exactly what to do (call to action) once they have watched the content used to attract you to their advert. You might want them to sign up to your newsletter, offer a free consultation or at least ask for a like.

Posting Any Picture You Find On The Internet

Millions of pictures are uploaded online everyday, if you search photogenic locations on Instagram many of the photos will be very similar. This doesn’t mean you can find a random photo and post it on your own website, social media or otherwise without permission from the owner claiming ‘there’s lots of photos exactly the same’. Don’t even think about ‘oh they will never know’, the world is a highly connected society and you don’t want a IP lawyer on your doorstep, or the bad publicity if the owner decides to go public and has an influence on a larger platform. Pay for the images or seek written permission, or if using a creative commons image, ensure you are crediting the owner correctly.

Digital marketing is here to stay and can be a great way to enhance your brand however there is an unspoken etiquette that must be followed to ensure you don’t make any silly faux pas.


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